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How to Remove Graffiti FAQ’s

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Any sort of graffiti whether it’s on your own property or in a public place is unsightly and so we’ve put together some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) and solutions on the best methods for removing graffiti to help you quickly, safely and efficiently remove graffiti from almost any surface.

Graffiti Clean Up Day London Ontario

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Eco Solutions technology (Paint and Varnish Remover) working successfully in USA, Canada and Mexico. Skin safe, low VOC, environmentally friendly graffiti remover is easy to use and cleans up with just water. EZ Strip Graffiti Remover is a convenient no drip spray gel that tackles the tough graffiti messes. How to remove graffiti from brick We are often asked, “how …

Home Strip Paint & Varnish Remover In Action (Twitter)

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Tweet from Cluckingham Palace who Upcycle furniture, making the unwanted wanted. Demo of how effective and safe Home Strip paint and varnish remover is. Tough Not Toxic! “I am seriously bad at videos but I am so happy with the varnish remover I’m using I had to share” @HomeStrip

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What’s The Scoop On Safer Paint Strippers?

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VOC stands for volatile organic compound — any of several chemicals found in numerous consumer products, from gasoline and glue to correction fluid and colored markers. Even cosmetics, mothballs, air fresheners and household cleaning supplies contain VOCs.Because they’re volatile, these compounds vaporize and emit gasses. Paint strippers, for example, can emit high levels of VOCs into the air during use …