How to remove artex from a ceiling

Property Workshop- Dealing with Artex®

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How to Remove Artex One of the best ways to remove artex is by using this fantastic product. Simply put, when X-TEX is applied, the job of scraping off artex becomes MUCH quicker, easier and safer. To learn more about X-TEX and how best to use it, please watch the video below and check out his very informative article on how …

X-Tex Artex Stripper Australia

X-Tex a huge success down under!

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@tradestrip tweeted: Another huge order on its way to our Australian distributor. Removal project at the Sydney Opera House using X-Tex to remove coatings. A great British Brand using “Science Not Solvents”                              

Escape to the Chateau – Lead Paint Removal

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Channel 4’s Escape to the Chateau – Dick Strawbridge and his partner bring an abandoned French chateau back to life? “We inherited a significant amount of lead paint. The most effective but benign way to remove it came from Ecosolutions It was messy and hard work but keeping the stripped paint in solution was safer.” Lead paint is one …