How To Remove Popcorn Ceilings With EZ Strip

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Eco Solutions technology (X-Tex) working sucessfuly in USA, Canada and Mexico EZ Strip Popcorn Ceiling Remover is the only Do-It-Yourself friendly removal method that works to safely remove painted popcorn ceiling texture from drywall and other hard surfaces. No matter if you have popcorn, swirl, stomp, orange peel, or some other funny style or name for your ceiling and wall …

“Stripping Just Got Sexier” with DIY Doctor

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Busy day at Eco Solutions stand. Lots of interest in @homestrip P&V Remover and X-Tex. Find out our verdict here:

Sunday Times HOME Experts (Letters)

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Q The previous owner of my house dabbed onto the walls in an effort to smarten it up for buyers. In so doing, he left paint blobs on the uPVC window frames, which i can’t remove. I have tried white spirit and nail polish remover. Scraping it off leaves marks. What do you suggest? Eileen Robinson, Swindon A Use something like …

Community Graffiti Removal with EZ Strip All Purpose Remover

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Eco Solutions technology (Graffiti Go!) working sucessfully in USA, Canada and Mexico EZ Strip All Purpose Remover works great to remove all kinds of graffiti. Remove permanent markers, stickers, spray paint, paint pens, and much more from a variety of surfaces. We partnered up with the community of Old East Village in London, ON and volunteers from Home Depot Canada …