Science Not Solvents: How to remove artex SAFELY

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Artex® is a water-based covering, usually used to decorate ceilings, and generally brought to a textured finish with the use of a brush or comb. Some older artex® may contain asbestos and it is extremely unwise to sand down or scrape without seeking the advice of an asbestos specialist as this can potentially damage your health and anybody around you. …

Degreasing An Oven Using Super Strength Degreaser

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Researched, developed and manufactured in the UK -Super Strength Degreaser is made with an innovative formulation from the most advanced, patented water-based technology using ” science not solvents” that is highly effective in removing all types of grease, oil, grime, glue, even light carbon build-up from virtually any surface.

Graffiti Go Sign Demo

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A vandalised street sign covered in spray paint can be easily cleaned in less than one minute using Graffiti Go! Using Science Not Solvents this sign is cleaned effortlessly without the need for special personal protection equipment, or pre or neutralising solutions. A one stop product that does all! Tough Not Toxic Graffiti Go! from Eco Solutions.