Business Success Case Studies in North Somerset

Eco Solutions Limited was founded by 1996 to develop water-based, non-toxic, paint and coatings removal products for both the professional and DIY user. With the knowledge gained in a previous service business of furniture restoration, Eco Solutions’ directors took this practical knowledge to Bristol University Colloid Centre for them to use their chemistry know-how to produce a totally different technology based on colloid science for the paint/coatings removal industry for the DIY/professional market. Eco Solutions considered their competitors to use “bucket chemistry” where there is just a mix of solvents rather than technology.

Our first product, Home Strip™, in 2000 this technology was awarded Millennium Products Status by the Design Council for “leading-edge, innovative technology”. We also have a CE mark for safety to allow us to sell into the education market and our technology is CE marked “for products designed or intended for use in play by children under 14 years of age.”

Eco Solutions Limited is a small, family-run company of 4 directors, who were the first in their field to offer an alternative to the highly volatile, solvent-based, paint/coatings removal products on the market whose formulations had not changed since the 1940s.

Eco Solutions also took part, through European Association EASCR and with the help of its local MP John Penrose and MEP Sir Graham Watson, in the debate in the EU Parliament on the restriction of the highly solvent-based products. This success resulted in a total ban to consumers of these products which have now been withdrawn from the market. Whilst others have now entered the market with their “alternatives” to DCM-based paint strippers, they continue to be hazardous and contain high levels of VOC and solvents. Therefore, Eco Solutions technology, whilst having been around in the marketplace since 1998, have not been surpassed for innovation and effectiveness.

Since its first product Home Strip™, the product range has widened to include Trade Strip™, graffiti remover Graffiti Go™, artex/plaster-type coatings remover X-TEX™, degreasers, cleaners etc. The latest product, launched on 1 November 2013, is Multi Task™ – an all-in-one cleaner which every office, home, factory, van, etc. should have.

Eco Solutions Limited is an office-based company which out-sources all of its needs, and wherever possible, sources these from North Somerset. Manufacturing, label design, printing, intellectual property, and distribution are all sourced in North Somerset/South West area. Managing Director Ivor Chivers states “We are proud to be a great British brand, and have found innovative and resourceful companies in North Somerset who provide the majority of our needs. As well as being a beautiful part of the UK, it is also rich in its range of products and services that there is no need to look far for what is needed to run a successful business”.

Eco Solutions are Associate Members of the Painting & Decoration Association and have committed their time and expertise to the next generation of painters and decorators, particularly apprentices, on how to use paint removers safely and professionally both for the benefit of their own health and that of their customers.

Eco Solutions products are available through large retailers such as South-West based Toolstation, B&Q, plus many independents including Winterstoke Decorators in Weston-super-Mare.


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