cleaning a bbq demo video

Demo: Cleaning a greasy and dirty BBQ with “Super Strength Degreaser” from Eco Solutions

For more information on cleaning a BBQ with Eco Solutions Super Degreaser

The BBQ cleaned in this demo video was a Cadac. The degreaser would work just as well cleaning a Weber BBQ or cleaning any gas BBQ where grease has built up. Super Strength Degreaser is made with an innovative formulation from the most advanced, innovative water-based technology using ” science not solvents” that is highly effective in removing all types of grease, oil, grime, glue, even light carbon build-up from virtually any surface.

Product Features:

“Tough not toxic” – Non-flammable – Removes grease, oil, grime, glue and even light carbon build up – Effective and pleasant to use – Water-based – No abrasives – No H (hazard) or P (precautionary) statements on the label. Size Availability Available in 500ml trigger spray.

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