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Reg Diyer visited the Home Improvement and Renovating Show this weekend and he wants to share with you some of the great things he saw there. He will soon be renovating his daughter’s house to get ready for his forthcoming Grandchild. Expensive days ahead!!

He was very excited by the X-Tex Demonstration which showed how easily you can remove Artex by simply painting it on, leaving it to soften and then removing it with a scraper. The fact that it also works on textured and painted wallpapers like woodchip sent him into a real spin.

This is a genius solution for removing Artex and woodchip especially Artex which may be pre-1985 which almost definitely will contain some asbestos fibres.

Find out more about stripping Artex by clicking on this link and watching the video at the bottom of the page or just click on the image.

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