Remove paint from metal doors

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How to remove paint from your garage door?

This old garage door was in need of restoration and some TLC. It was very difficult in sourcing a new door given the width of the opening as this was quite an old garage. 

The bottom quarter was the worst affected and needed to remove all of the loose flaky paint prior to preparing the door for new primer and paint. Sanding was not an option due to raised panels and Home Strip was used to start this project off. What was easy about using Home Strip, is how safe it is- totally non-toxic, safe to use in public areas, around pets and passing wildlife. A liberal coat was applied by brush and as we needed to remove multi-layered coatings it was covered with plastic film then left overnight to do its magic.







Home Strip will normally remove one to two coats in one single application, but by covering with plastic film it traps out the air keeping the product wet for much longer periods, and the longer it remains wet it will continue to work. This method also prevents any coating blistering away from the surface keeping the product in contact with the substrate which removes many layers in one single application.

*we used a cheap plastic decorators sheet to cover the surface which can be purchased from most DIY stores, as some types of cling film can adhere to the surface making removal difficult)







The next day the plastic film was removed and pleased to say most of the paint came away with the film. There was some work involved in then removing the rest of the softened paint with both a scraper and a stainless steel scouring ball with soapy water.

Using the scouring ball was much easier as it also cuts into any paint underneath that has not been softened by the Home Strip, so if we need to re-apply it will react that much quicker.













Once all the loose paint had been removed it was time for a wash down and also went over the rest of the door with the scouring ball and soapy water to clean the whole surface. Home Strip is totally ph neutral so there is no need to neutralise like you would with a solvent, alkaline or acid based paint remover.

Once this had dried it was time to prepare for paint. A good going over with some very fine wet and dry paper to make sure all the surface was sanded making the surface good for primer.















The finished article speaks for itself and at a fraction of the cost in purchasing a new door.  Home Strip was easy to apply, no fumes or skin burns to contend with which makes paint removal a far easier task. A very safe paint remover.

To purchase Home Strip you can locate a stockist or e-retailer here













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