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X-Tex textured coatings remover

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X-Tex textured coatings remover

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Removes textured coatings

Researched, developed and manufactured in the UK. X-Tex® allows the removal of textured coatings such as *Artex® without causing dust from harmful asbestos fibres. Formulated by Eco Solutions from the most advanced, innovative water-based technology using ” science not solvents”.

Some plaster-type textured coatings (mainly sold before the mid-1980’s) may contain harmful asbestos fibres, Minimal VOC content (0.000004%, as certified by independent laboratory detection test).
*registered Trade Mark of BPB UK Ltd.

Instructions For Use
If you are not using X-Tex to remove suspected asbestos containing wall and ceiling coverings, then we strongly recommend contacting a company to identify the presence of asbestos and remove it. This is usually the costliest method, and in some cases, experts will use X-Tex to remove the Asbestos laced surface.
Removing more recent asbestos free, textured coatings can still expose you to dangerous dust particles. Coatings applied between the 1950s to the 1990s will usually contain asbestos. This can pose a serious health risk to anyone if the microscopic asbestos fibres are inhaled.

Directions for Use
Using X-Tex by Eco Solutions is one of the quickest, easiest and safest ways to remove Artex®. Simply paint over the artex® walls and ceilings then scrape off when softened. This process is called a working wet system and means that the artex® is kept wet at all times. This results in no asbestos fibres becoming airborne and eliminates the risk of breathing in hazardous microfibres which can lead to Asbestosis.
After applying X-Tex and scraping back the surfaces, piece will fall directly to the floor. For this reason, we recommend covering your entire floor with old newspapers or other disposable floor coverings. Once done, just wrap the floor covering and artex® into a bag and dispose of at your local council recycling centre. Most refuse sites now take asbestos waste.

Most artex® has been painted over the years with various coats of emulsions and this does need to be removed before you can start removing the artex®. The most difficult of these is vinyl silk which contains plastic polymers, and once softened by any type of paint remover can turn it into a gooey mess!

Vinyl silk is hard to penetrate with any type of paint remover, so the first recommendation is to apply a light coat of X-Tex then lightly scoring the surface with a blade. We then recommend applying another layer of X-Tex which will work into the score marks and help remove the paint from behind.

Removal is made easier with a long-handled blade scraper which helps to lift it from the surface rather than spreading it around the wall, which usually happens when using a standard steel scraper.

Another great tip is to apply X-Tex and cover with foil or plastic film and leave overnight. The foil prevents the X-Tex® from drying out and also forces the product down and in most cases softens both the emulsion and the artex® in one application. This is highly recommended to obtain the best results and to save you product.

Size Availability
Available in 2.5 litre, 5 litre and 15 litre tubs.

Typical Performance
Textured Coatings such as Artex® takes only 15-30 minutes – Textured Coatings plus 1-2 layers paint up to 1 hour – Multi-layered paint over textured coatings 1 hour to overnight.

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