Removing Varnish

Removing Varnish Solutions

Tom Donadel Removing Varnish

Removing Varnish from……Home Strip® Paint & Varnish Stripper Perfect for DIY and Up-Cycling Projects Whether you are upcycling furniture or renovating a property, Home Strip® Paint & Varnish Stripper is a ‘Go-To’ product that you can use for Removing Varnish from all surfaces, quickly and safely. Traditional Ways of Removing Varnish Removing Varnish by Sanding The traditional way to remove …

Cleaning a BBQ Demo

Tom Donadel Clean & Remove Hints & Tips, Cleaning & Remove Hints & Tips, Cleaning Hints & Tips, Video

Demo: Cleaning a greasy and dirty BBQ with “Super Strength Degreaser” from Eco Solutions For more information on cleaning a BBQ with Eco Solutions Super Degreaser The BBQ cleaned in this demo video was a Cadac. The degreaser would work just as well cleaning a Weber BBQ or cleaning any gas BBQ where grease has built up. Super Strength …

uPVC Maintenance & Cleaning

Guttering & UPVC Maintenance & Cleaning Tips

Tom Donadel Guttering & UPVC Cleaning & Maintenance

Guttering & UPVC Maintenance & Cleaning Tips discussed by Eco Solutions Even if you get your uPVC windows cleaned regularly the uPVC casings and frame can become really grimy and dirty and it is difficult to remove with just soap and water. Our Guttering & uPVC Maintenance & Cleaning Tips will tell you everything you need to know about having …

How to Remove Household Stains

Tom Donadel How to Remove Household Stains

How to Remove Household Stains Quickly and Easily discussed by Eco Solutions Everyone has those mishaps in their home and those stubborn stains that are really tricky to remove, so we have put together the best ways to quickly and easily Remove Household Stains. Some of the solutions we have provided in this article are more of the traditional, or …