Removing Artex Using X-Tex®

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X-Tex® allows the removal of textured coatings such as Artex® and Polytex® without causing harmful dust.

Graffiti Clean Up Day London Ontario

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Eco Solutions technology (Paint and Varnish Remover) working successfully in USA, Canada and Mexico. Skin safe, low VOC, environmentally friendly graffiti remover is easy to use and cleans up with just water. EZ Strip Graffiti Remover is a convenient no drip spray gel that tackles the tough graffiti messes. How to remove graffiti from brick We are often asked, “how …

Home Strip Paint & Varnish Remover In Action (Twitter)

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Tweet from Cluckingham Palace who Upcycle furniture, making the unwanted wanted. Demo of how effective and safe Home Strip paint and varnish remover is. Tough Not Toxic! “I am seriously bad at videos but I am so happy with the varnish remover I’m using I had to share” @HomeStrip

How to remove artex from a ceiling

Property Workshop- Dealing with Artex®

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How to Remove Artex One of the best ways to remove artex is by using this fantastic product. Simply put, when X-TEX is applied, the job of scraping off artex becomes MUCH quicker, easier and safer. To learn more about X-TEX and how best to use it, please watch the video below and check out his very informative article on how …