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Artex FAQ’s

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Artex, Asbestos & Removing Artex Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) What is Artex? Artex is a surface coating which is used for interior decorating. It is most often found on ceilings but sometimes on walls too. Artex allows a professional plasterer or decorator to add texture and patterns to it. The name Artex is a trademark of Artex Ltd, which is …

Upcycling Furniture

Upcycling Furniture Benefits, Hints and Tips

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Upcycling Furniture – The hows and whys explained by Eco Solutions We are all now much more focused on protecting the environment and our once throw away world is thankfully now starting to decrease. It’s not all about new in our homes and businesses and the trend now is buying upcycled older style furniture or in fact upcycling yourself. Upcycling …

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How to Remove Graffiti FAQ’s

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Any sort of graffiti whether it’s on your own property or in a public place is unsightly and so we’ve put together some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) and solutions on the best methods for removing graffiti to help you quickly, safely and efficiently remove graffiti from almost any surface.

How to remove artex from a ceiling

Property Workshop- Dealing with Artex®

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How to Remove Artex One of the best ways to remove artex is by using this fantastic product. Simply put, when X-TEX is applied, the job of scraping off artex becomes MUCH quicker, easier and safer. To learn more about X-TEX and how best to use it, please watch the video below and check out his very informative article on how …