Graffiti Clean Up Day London Ontario

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Eco Solutions technology (Paint and Varnish Remover) working successfully in USA, Canada and Mexico. Skin safe, low VOC, environmentally friendly graffiti remover is easy to use and cleans up with just water. EZ Strip Graffiti Remover is a convenient no drip spray gel that tackles the tough graffiti messes. How to remove graffiti from brick We are often asked, “how …

Home Strip Paint & Varnish Remover In Action (Twitter)

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Tweet from Cluckingham Palace who Upcycle furniture, making the unwanted wanted. Demo of how effective and safe Home Strip paint and varnish remover is. Tough Not Toxic! “I am seriously bad at videos but I am so happy with the varnish remover I’m using I had to share” @HomeStrip

DIY Doctor recommended products

DIY Doctor – Where New Ideas Come to Life

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Reg Diyer visited the Home Improvement and Renovating Show this weekend and he wants to share with you some of the great things he saw there. He will soon be renovating his daughter’s house to get ready for his forthcoming Grandchild. Expensive days ahead!! He was very excited by the X-Tex Demonstration which showed how easily you can remove Artex …

PDA recommended products

The Decorator April Issue

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Wayne de Wet reviews Trade Strip-X-Tex Textured Coatings Remover. The Decorator Magazine of the PDA Twitter – @TradeStrip @decorum28 @ToolTalk1 The first, and I think the most important thing about this review is the need to be aware of removing Artex® and other textured coatings, as some could contain asbestos (pre-1985). Always consult with an asbestos specialist and your …