Surface Preparation Cleaner

Grime Go – A Unique Surface Preparation Cleaner for the Home & Workplace

We all have those cleaning jobs around the home and workplace that we dread, the ones that stay on the end of our To-Do lists rather than ever moving up to the top to ever get done. Whether it’s indoors or outdoors Grime Go from our Eco Solutions range is a must-have in your cleaning product store. It is a Surface Preparation Cleaner and Cleaner for the Home or Workplace and can be used on a range of indoor or outdoor surfaces.

Eco Solutions Grime Go is a solvent-free cleaner and preparation product that can be used and is effective for a multitude of uses. There is no need to ventilate the area you are working in when using it and it can be used without a mask or gloves whilst still working effectively and efficiently.

Grime Go is a water-based product that is free of VOCs, acids, alkalis, and any hazardous solvents.

Eco Solutions has developed a range of internationally recognised, cutting-edge water-based paint strippers, coatings removers and associated products which are safe to use and eco-friendly alternatives to other harmful and hazardous products since 1978.

We use the most advanced and patented water-based technology in our whole product range and this makes them safe and used across many industries and in many households across the UK and worldwide.

Grime Go tackles the toughest jobs around the home, workshop, office, garage and garden without the need for other products to use as pre or after treatments. It’s perfect for use by do-it-yourself enthusiasts and upcyclers as well as professional and trade users and it removes all types of grease, oil, dirt, stains, adhesive residues as well as paint splashes. It is fast and effective when you want to clean and brighten a surface or when preparing a surface for re-painting, varnishing or waxing.

So what can Grime Go be used for?

There really is no limit to what you can use Grime Go for but here are a few ideas for you for in and around your home and business.

How to do a deep oven clean quickly and safely with minimal mess

We all do it, we have our ovens professionally cleaned and say to ourselves we’ll never let it get that dirty again, but it does and don’t kid yourself, it will do again.

Grime Go is your perfect strong and effective oven cleaner that doesn’t burn your skin or eyes as most other oven cleaners do, and you don’t need to ventilate the kitchen whilst you are doing it due to its safe ingredients.

To start with, remove your oven racks and place them outside on an old towel. Spray them with your Grime Go on both sides and leave it to work whilst you carry on with the next thing. Spray the inside of your oven and oven door with your Grime Go and leave it for at least 30 minutes to see how it’s worked. Wipe over the surfaces with a damp scourer sponge and if you feel it needs a bit longer then you can spray a bit more product on and leave it again. When you are happy wipe away the grime, dirt and product with your scourer and then wipe down with warm soapy water.

The worst part of an oven clean is normally the oven door. If you have really engrained dirt then leave the Grime Go for 30 plus minutes and use a flat-ended scraper to work your way under the grime. Spray the door again if you think it needs another go.

Lastly, take your oven racks and either in the kitchen sink if it’s big enough or in the bath use a scourer or scrunched up kitchen foil to wipe away the dirt and grime. Wash thoroughly with warm water, dry and put back in the oven.

Before you cook anything in your oven after your clean heat it up to 200 degrees for about 30 minutes to remove any of the smells and any product you might have missed.

That’s it, you’re done, you can see through your oven door again.

How to clean a microwave quickly and thoroughly

Let’s face it, microwaves can get really smelly and dirty and before you know it you open the door and there are horrible smells coming out. Remove your turning plate and any attachments and put them in some hot soapy water. Spray your microwave with your Grime Go and leave it for about 20 minutes. Wipe the microwave out with warm soapy water and a scourer if you need it to remove all of the Grime Go product. Pop your clean turning table back in and you’re done, it’s shiny and fresh again.

How to clean a dishwasher easily

Dishwashers can also get dirty and clogged up around the edges of the door and this is nearly always where old food collects and starts to smell. Spray around your door with Grime Go and leave it to work its magic then wipe clean with warm soapy water. Next, add a dishwasher cleaner in and run it on a hot cycle as per the instructions. That’s it, you’re done, it’s all clean, smelling fresh and hygienic to clean your dishes again.

Make your kitchen tiles, worktops, cupboard doors and cupboards sparkle

Simply spray your surfaces with your Grime Go and once you’ve finished spraying you’ll be ready to wipe clean with your warm soapy water. Any tiles, worktops or doors that are a high shine just buff them dry with a microfibre cloth and you won’t believe the clean shiny finish.

Give your kitchen kickboards a new lease of life with a once in a blue moon clean

Let’s face it, it’s one of those jobs that we don’t do that often but a scuff or some marks will catch your eye and you realise they need to be done. It’s a job you think will take you a while but with Grime Go, it can be done quickly without too much elbow grease. Spray it on, leave it for 10-15 minutes and then wipe clean again. You won’t believe how fresh they will look.

Freshen up and clean your kitchen bin

Use your Grime Go to freshen your kitchen bin which can quickly get smelly and dirty. Spray your Grime Go on the areas you want to clean and then wipe clean with warm water. Pay particular attention to rims and joins in your bin where food waste and dirt will easily collect. Finish off by wiping the inside of your bin with a cloth soaked in lemon and this will ensure it smells fresh and clean when the lid is lifted.

Bathroom and shower deep clean

Make your shower door sparkle again and remove the scum and limescale quickly and easily using Grime Go. Spray it on and wait for it to work its magic, wash it down with warm water and then shine with a microfiber cloth, it will look brand new again.

You can use Grime Go on your tiles, bath, shower, sink, toilet and bathroom floor surface as well. It’s not a product you’ll use every week but it’s perfect for a deep clean making everything fresh and bright once again.

Surface Preparation Cleaner

Get your floors looking like new again (tiles, laminate and vinyl)

Give your floor surface a quick vacuum and spray your Grime Go on in sections as this will allow you to leave it do what it needs to do, wash it clean with warm soapy water and start on the next section without walking the product and water around your home. When you’ve done this have a look at any areas that still look dirty and spray it again with your Grime Go. Repeat the process again but this time use a scourer to remove any really dirty areas and wipe clean with warm water. You’ll be amazed at how clean your floor will come up and it will look like new again.

Top Tip:
Ensure you clean your cloth and the water regularly so you’re not pushing the dirt around the floor.

Freshen and clean your radiators

Again radiators are often missed during your weekly or fortnightly cleans so when you’re doing a deep clean, spray them with your Grime Go and give them a wipe over, you’ll be amazed at how clean and fresh they’ll end up looking.

Freshen up your front door and garage door

Your front door and garage door are the first thing that people see when they visit you so giving them a clean once or twice a year clean will keep the front of your house looking fresh and up together. Spray your door and frame surface with Grime Go and leave it to work its magic for 15-20 minutes. Wash it clean with warm water and scourer and give any really dirty areas a really good scrub.

Spruce up your outside furniture before winter sets in

Whatever your outside furniture is made from Grime Go will bring it back to life and ready to be covered or stored over winter. Spray an even amount of product over your table and chairs and then wash down with warm soapy water. Ensure you dry it before you cover or store it away for the winter.

Outside furniture upcycling preparation

If you have wooden furniture and you want to repaint or varnish it next year or want it to be clean and ready to use next year Grime Go is the perfect preparation product for this. It’s such a nice thought that when spring is here next year your furniture will be ready to be used again without any work.

Furniture upcycling preparation

Grime Go is an amazing furniture or surface preparation product as it deep cleans surfaces so it’s fresh and ready to be painted, waxed or varnished. Sometimes people decide against resurfacing after using Grime Go as they’re happy with the finish it has given them. Give it a go on any type of surface, wood, plastic, concrete, tiles, metal and much more. You can find some great upcycling ideas for your home and garden here.

Fabric sofa clean and spruce

However careful you are you’ll always end up with stains and marks on your fabric sofa. Grime go is a great product for removing these stains and marks and it’s so easy. Spray on a section under the cushions first to test it doesn’t lighten the fabric. If you’re happy spray it on the marls and stains and leave it for 20 minutes. Use a damp cloth to gently wipe the marks and stains away, using a gentle buffing motion to lift them away.

Remove pen ink from clothes easily

Whether you accidentally got pen ink on your clothes or one of your children has managed to write on your walls, furniture or their own clothes Grime Go will lift the stain. Spray it on the area and leave it to work for 10-15 minutes and then use a damp to wet cloth to gently push up and out into the stain to lift it.

Remove coffee or wine stains from your carpet, furniture and clothes

Coffee, tea or wine spills can easily happen but you always dread that the stain will never come out. Blot up as much of the liquid as you can with pieces of kitchen roll and keep pressing into the fabric until no more is coming through on the kitchen roll. Spray your Grime Go and leave it to work for 20 minutes before using a wet cloth to gently lift the stain out. If there is still a slight stain then repeat the process.

Renovating a home or business

Renovating a home or business can be time-consuming and often you will work on renovating one room at a time. Grime Go can help you quickly and efficiently prepare surfaces you are renovating or upcycling or simply just clean them. Living with an old kitchen or bathroom whilst you wait to update it is so much easier if you know it’s been thoroughly cleaned and this is what Grime Go will do.

When you’ve used Grime Go once you’ll never want to be without it. Professional trades people use it and always want a bottle in their toolkit and you’ll be the same at home. It’s a versatile product that can be used on any surface type to prepare it and it can also be used as a deep cleaner. Once you’ve sprayed it on you don’t need to worry about it overworking a surface, ventilating the room you’re in or wearing protecting goggles or gloves as its water-based formula makes it non-toxic and safe to use, as well as being environmentally friendly.

Don’t delay, find your nearest stockist here, you won’t be disappointed.

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