Remove Artex

How To Safely Remove Artex & How Dangerous Is it?

Asbestos was commonly used in ceilings up until the 1980s when its use was banned due to its health risks. If your property was built before this time, there is a good chance that original ceilings and walls artex could contain asbestos. You should always use a wet working removal system to remove artex as this prevents the dangerous asbestos dust particle from escaping into the air and being breathed in through your nose and mouth.

If you do have asbestos in your artex, ceiling or wall covering, it is important not to panic, as it’s only dangerous if you come in contact with the dust particles if it is disturbed. As long as the artex is in good condition and left undisturbed with no cracks, there is no risk to your health. If you need to remove or repair your artex ceiling, we would advise that you speak to a professional who has experience dealing with asbestos or you should use our wet working removal system X-Tex Artex Remover.

If you are looking to remove wall or ceiling coverings whether they contain asbestos or not, you can use Eco Solutions X Tex Artex Remover safely and without the worry of asbestos poisoning. X Tex uses a working wet system and this means whilst removing the wall or ceiling covering there will be no dangerous dust fibres as the covering always remains wet. Getting a professional in to remove ceiling and wall coverings containing asbestos can be tricky, to find someone as well as the costs of someone doing this for you in a safe way. 

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