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Eco Solutions Products for Commercial & Trade Use Eco Solutions has developed leading water-based paint strippers, coatings removers and associated products for both domestic and trade use across the UK and internationally. Our products have all been researched, developed and manufactured in the UK. They are a safe and effective alternative to conventional hazardous solvents, … Read more

Eco Commercial Cleaning Products

Best Commercial Cleaning Products Discussed by Eco Solutions

If you are a commercial or domestic cleaner then having the Best Commercial Cleaning Products in your tool kit will make your job easier, quicker and you will have happy customers as a result. 

Eco Solutions products are non-toxic, water-based products that are safe to use and will clean any surface or material like no other. One product does all and there are no pre or after treatments needed. Eco Solutions products are all safe to use and cause no harm to the environment compared to other conventional and sometimes hazardous solvents and cleaners.

Eco Solutions Commercial Cleaning Products Features

  • One product does all
  • No pre or after treatment
  • Suitable for many substrates
  • Water-based
  • Non-hazardous
  • Non-toxic
  • No skin burns
  • Non-caustic
  • Non-flammable
  • PH neutral
  • Solvent-free- “Tough not toxic” 
  • No H (hazard) or P (precautionary) statements on the label

Eco Solutions Commercial Cleaning Products

Grime Go removes all types of grease, oil, dirt, stains, grime, dirt, mould, adhesive residues and paint splashes too. It can be used to prepare surfaces for repainting or just to clean and brighten the substrate. No fumes, no skin burns, no abrasives and non-toxic. Spray on, leave to work for 10 plus minutes and wipe away.

PVCU Cleaner cleans uPVC windows, doors and guttering (may etch certain types of Perspex and polycarbonate so always do a patch test first). Removes heavy grime, dirt, oil, and paint splashes too. Spray on and wipe away any stains and grime. The product is safely being used by an increasing number of consumers and professional users alike. 

Super Strength Degreaser removes grease, oil, grime, glue and even light carbon build-up. It is effective and pleasant to use, water-based, no abrasives with no H (hazard) or P (precautionary) statements on the label. Spray or paste on, leave it to work for 20 minutes and wipes away the dirt and grease.

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Non-Toxic Cleaning Products

Non-Toxic Cleaning Products discussed by Eco Solutions

Many cleaning products both industrial and household are dangerous to humans and to the environment. They can irritate the eyes and throat, cause headaches and other health problems, some of which are serious. Many cleaning products have overpowering smells and lots of colours and they can make us sneeze, our eyes water and our skin sting and all of these things should be telling us that these cleaning products have ingredients in that aren’t good for us. Using Non-Toxic Cleaning Products is the best option and they are easily available, preventing inhalation of toxins and chemicals, skin irritations and much more.

Some off the shelf cleaning products release dangerous chemicals, including volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other harmful ingredients including ammonia and bleach so always be really careful when buying and using them as they can be as toxic to humans and the environment as vermin poison is.

Some environmental experts are saying that the average household cleaner, perfume and creams contain a minimum of 62 toxic chemicals, all of which can be potentially harmful ingredients like parabens and phthalates. research has shown that if you are exposed to them routinely it can result in mild skin irritation and itchy eyes, or major symptoms like reproductive issues, asthma and much more.

To make these things more worrying, there is no regulation of what goes into our cleaning products across the world and neither ingredients or products need to meet any sort of safety standard, testing or notification before bringing a product to market. Think about the cleaning products you have used in the past which have a hazardous warning on, yet we still continue to use them.

Lots of cleaning product manufacturers claim that using their products sparingly and as per their instructions ensure they have no harmful impact on our health. According to a 20-year longitudinal study conducted by scientists at the University of Bergen in Norway it was found that using cleaning products can be as harmful as smoking 20 cigarettes a day.

The research showed that ”People who have worked as cleaners or done household cleaning for 20 years have reduced lung function equivalent to smoking 20 cigarettes a day, for the same period of time,” says PhD-candidate Øistein Svanes, at the Department of Clinical Science, at the University of Bergen. He is the main author of the study.

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