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Whether it’s your oven, your shower, your bathroom, your kitchen, your floors, your driveway or your patio, our non-toxic Deep Cleaning Products will help you make these jobs easy and quick to do with amazing results. You may now be starting to go back to your workplace and want to do a deep clean before you have your full workforce back and our safe to use water-based non-toxic products will help you with all of these jobs and make it quick and easy to do.

Kitchen Deep Cleaning Products & Ideas

Oven & Grill Deep Cleaning Products & Ideas

Everyone hates this job and its always one we put off but using Eco Solutions Grime Go will make this job quick and easy for you. Take out your metal racks and trays and spray the inside and the inside of your oven door with Grime Go. Leave it to work its magic for 20-30 minutes and during this time you can focus on your trays and racks.

Spray your trays and racks with Grime Go and its always best to do this on a big towel or old duvet cover inside or take them outside to spray them to ensure you don’t get the product everywhere.

After 20-30 minutes use a scourer sponge and warm water to wipe the inside of your oven and door clean. For really hardy engrained grime use a metal flat-edged scraper to scrape away the burnt food or splashes. Wipe it clean and repeat again if you need to. When you’re happy with the result and all the grime has been wiped away using a soft cloth and warm soapy water to clean away any leftover Grime Go product.

Next, do the same with your trays and racks, again it’s normally easier to do them outside if you can and when you’re happy they are clean wash away the excess product with warm soapy water and a soft cloth.

Put your trays and racks back into your oven and put it on high heat (200 degrees) for 30-40 minutes to remove any product smell. Remember, Eco Solutions Grime Go is non-toxic and water-based so it’s completely safe for you to use in your oven and grill.

To make sure this doesn’t become a job that you dread, clean your oven with grime go every 2-4 weeks and this ensures it stays clean and gleaming and doesn’t need a deep clean with lots of sweat and scrubbing every 6 months.

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