Surface Preparation Cleaner

Grime Go – A Unique Surface Preparation Cleaner for the Home & Workplace

We all have those cleaning jobs around the home and workplace that we dread, the ones that stay on the end of our To-Do lists rather than ever moving up to the top to ever get done. Whether it’s indoors or outdoors Grime Go from our Eco Solutions range is a must-have in your cleaning product store. It is a Surface Preparation Cleaner and Cleaner for the Home or Workplace and can be used on a range of indoor or outdoor surfaces.

Eco Solutions Grime Go is a solvent-free cleaner and preparation product that can be used and is effective for a multitude of uses. There is no need to ventilate the area you are working in when using it and it can be used without a mask or gloves whilst still working effectively and efficiently.

Grime Go is a water-based product that is free of VOCs, acids, alkalis, and any hazardous solvents.

Eco Solutions has developed a range of internationally recognised, cutting-edge water-based paint strippers, coatings removers and associated products which are safe to use and eco-friendly alternatives to other harmful and hazardous products since 1978.

We use the most advanced and patented water-based technology in our whole product range and this makes them safe and used across many industries and in many households across the UK and worldwide.

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