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Selling Your Home? Why You Need To Remove The Artex Discussed by Eco Solutions

Artex was around a lot in the ’70s and ’80s and was actually an interior design must in those times. It is a surface coating that was used and still sometimes used for decorating. It allows a professional plasterer or decorator to add raised texture and patterns to ceilings or walls. The name Artex is a trademark of Artex Ltd, which is a UK company, there are other similar products out there, however, Artex has become the name used across the board for all of these products. Textured wall, ceiling removal is difficult and can be dangerous if you don’t use the right wet system removal product like X-Tex.

Artex is associated with asbestos and until 2000 Artex and other textured wall coverings contained asbestos which is a dangerous substance. Asbestos is a term for a group of minerals made of microscopic fibres, which if inhaled can damage your lungs and cause other serious diseases immediately or in the long term if exposed to it.

Artex was originally made with white asbestos which was used to strengthen and harden it. Artex (the company) stopped using asbestos in the mid-80s, however, other manufacturers may have continued to use it up until it became illegal for asbestos to be used in these types of products in 2000.

Asbestos is only harmful when it is in powder form and it should pose no risk when it is undisturbed. For example, when it is being sanded and removed this is when the dust particles can be extremely dangerous. Using Eco Solutions X-Tex Artex Removal Product means you are using a wet working removal system and you will not be put at risk of asbestos poising or harmful dust particles. If the house was built prior to 2000 it is likely it will contain asbestos.

If you are removing non-asbestos textured wall or ceiling coatings it can still expose you to dust particles which can still be harmful to your lungs, however, using the Eco Solutions X-Tex Wet Removal System means you won’t be exposed to any harmful dust particles.

Eco Solutions X-Tex Artex Removal Product is a wet system removal product meaning you aren’t exposed to harmful dust and, or asbestos fibres, it is non-toxic and it easily and safely removes textured ceiling or wall coverings. X-Tex is used by many professionals for Artex removal and textured wall and ceiling covering removal whether it contains asbestos or not.

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