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The first, and I think the most important thing about this review is the need to be aware of removing Artex® and other textured coatings, as some could contain asbestos (pre-1985). Always consult with an asbestos specialist and your local authority before attempting the project.

Secondly, put effort into protecting everything that could get spoiled by the debris and waste. I strongly advise the use of goggles, especially when working on ceilings. It’s also a great idea to carry out a small test first and always follow the instructions given on the packaging.

Apart from that – X-Tex is non-toxic and the safest and easiest product I have used in all my 39 years in the trade! Perfect for removing both bonded and non-bonded textured coatings, such as Artex® and Polytex®, painted wallpapers and textured paint. This water-based, pH neutral, patented product clings 100% to all surfaces including ceilings.

Apply the X-Tex gel as thickly as you can and to an area that you’re comfortable working with.

Keep the heating off, as this will also accelerate the drying out of X-Tex and for the best results leave overnight or longer if need be. (Although when removing emulsion paint types this may only need 30 to 90 minutes)

My other top tips: When stripping textured surfaces that have vinyl silk, apply the X-Tex gel heavily then carefully cut the surface with a suitable razor sharp Olfa knife and then re-spread the X-Tex. This will allow the X-Tex to penetrate the surface, yet contain any dangerous fibres in the gel.

Source: The Decorator Magazine

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