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Trade Strip Carbon Remover and Paint remover meets ASTMF945- 12 and ARP1755V and has been approved by Rolls Royce for general use and decarbonation on all aero engines worldwide.

Researched, developed and manufactured in the UK, Trade Strip paint and varnish remover is a revolutionary unique patented water-based paint stripper using “science not solvents” that is safer to its user and the environment than conventional hazardous solvents.  Trade Strip paint and varnish remover is ideal for use by trade and industrial users.

Economical to us – Goes further than hazardous solvent based paint strippers – Minimal VOC content (0.000004%, as certified by independent laboratory detection test).  Most DCM-free paint strippers have just replaced one hazardous solvent with another, but Eco Solutions patented technology removes the hazardous solvent content and replaces it with water.

The safer alternative to Methylene Chloride, caustic poultices as well as N-Methyl Pyrrolidone (NMP), Benzyl Alcohol, Ethanol or Dimethyl Sulphide.  Ideal for use in sensitive and occupied premises such as homes, hospitals and schools.

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Source: PDA The Decorator Magazine Aug 2015

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