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Eco Solutions Products for Commercial & Trade Use

Eco Solutions has developed leading water-based paint strippers, coatings removers and associated products for both domestic and trade use across the UK and internationally. Our products have all been researched, developed and manufactured in the UK. They are a safe and effective alternative to conventional hazardous solvents, removers and strippers and our formula is based on science and not solvents.

Our mission has and is to provide safe and eco-friendly alternatives to hazardous solvents for use by our domestic and commercial customers. Since 1978 we have been dedicated to our mission of developing more safe use and environmentally friendly products for our customers around the world.

We only use our water-based, patented technology for each of our products in our range and always promote our safer alternatives to hazardous solvents which have been used in the coating removal and cleaning industries for many years.

”We are really proud that we market the safest alternative to solvent-based strippers; all our products are water-based and do not harm users or the environment.”

Why Choose Our Environmentally Friendly Safe Eco Solutions Products?

    • Our products are single-use products and you don’t need other products to use for preparation or to work alongside
    • They are all water-based, non-hazardous, non-toxic and non-caustic products
    • Our products are pH neutral (water has a pH level of 7, meaning it has the same amount of acids and alkalis which balance each other out, making it pH neutral and safe to be around)
    • There is no chance of our products burning the skin, we do, however, advise you to always wear suitable clothing, gloves and goggles when using them
    • There are no fumes from our products meaning they are safe to use and can be used in non ventilated areas
    • The working wet system means you can get into awkward places and around curved edges that other products or processes cannot
    • You can leave our products on a surface to work without fear of them being damaged. If the product dries out you simply re-wet the surface by spraying water on it before you start the removal or cleaning process
    • Our products have no H (hazard) or P (precautionary) statements on their labels
    • They are safe to use in both occupied and sensitive premises such as homes, hospitals, doctor surgeries, schools, nurseries and many more
    • Our product range is safe for the environment as they contain no hazardous chemicals, meaning no dangerous and polluting gases are produced as well as there is no chance of it polluting our water system
    • Our product range can be used around people who suffer from respiratory problems, including asthma. They use a working wet system meaning there are no dust particles created when surfaces are being stripped or restored
    • They are tough, not toxic, they work rapidly and effectively and they go a long way, making them a cost-effective solution
    • You don’t need to buy pre or after products as one product does all
    • They are not flammable and combustible meaning you do not require a safe and compliant place for storage
    • Our products are non-abrasive meaning they don’t contain small particles of minerals like Silica, Quartz, Calcite, and Feldspar, making them safer to use with no risk of damage
    • Our product range is easy to apply and quick to start work. Our products come in spray, liquid or gel type substances
    • Our Eco Solutions products are available through Toolstation, Brewers, Buildbase, Jewsons, Travis Perkins, or you can find your nearest stockist here.

Eco Solutions Trade Products

Trade Strip Paint Remover

Trade Strip Paint Remover is a commercial paint and varnish remover which is an alternative to conventional hazardous products, making them safe to use with no damaging impact to the environment, unlike traditional hazardous strippers.Products for Commercial & Trade Use

Our Trade Strip paint and varnish remover has been developed for use by trade and industrial users (+Including Aerospace OMat 1/344). Trade Strip delivers greater results than hazardous solvent-based strippers and goes further making it economical to use. It has minimal VOC content (0.000004%, as certified by an independent laboratory detection test.

Paint strippers which use DCM-free solvents have just replaced one hazardous solvent with another. The patented technology of Eco Solutions removes the hazardous solvent content and substitutes water for it, making it safe to use with no harmful chemicals making it environmentally friendly as well. This makes it ideal to use in occupied properties including homes, hospitals, nurseries, schools and many more.

The European Parliament confirmed with the Council its decision to ban the highly hazardous chemical dichloromethane from paint strippers on 14 January 2009. The proposed directive proposes a blanket ban for consumer use, as well as a professional ban under certain conditions with a derogation for member countries.

What does Trade Strip Paint & Varnish Remover Remove?

Trade Strip Paint & Varnish Remover works effectively and efficiently to safely remove most types of paint and surface coatings.

It is a commercial and industrial lead paint remover, oil-based paint remover, solvent-based paint remover, water-based paint remover, emulsion-based paint remover, polyurethanes remover, stain and varnish stripper, wax remover, intumescent paint and rust-preventative surface coating stripper.

What are the additional benefits of Trade Strip Paint & Varnish Remover?

    • It doesn’t scratch surfaces as sanding does
    • It gets into awkward areas that sanding won’t
    • It is gentle on wood and doesn’t damage surfaces
    • It removes paint and varnish in the grain of the wood without the risk of it damaging it
    • It doesn’t discolour surfaces
    • It is a commercial fire-resistant paint remover and stripper, as it is non-flammable and non-combustible so there are no conditions or controls required for storage
    • It is ideal for the removal of lead-based paints
    • It can be used on most surfaces

What surfaces can you use Trade Strip Paint & Varnish Remover on?

Trade Strip Paint & Varnish Remover is ideal for use on all types of surfaces including:

    • Hard & Soft Wood
    • Marble
    • Stone
    • Brick
    • Concrete
    • Plaster
    • Ceramic Tiles
    • GRP
    • Aluminium
    • Brass
    • Cast Iron
    • Other soft metals

It is available in 5 Litre and 15 Litre sizes and is such a versatile and safe product to have in your tool kit. You can find your nearest stockist here.

Trade X-Tex Artex® Remover

X-Tex Artex Remover is a commercial Artex remover used by many trades and professionals in the UK and internationally. Our textured ceiling and wall remover or Artex removing product uses a working wet system meaning there is no risk of inhalation of damaging dust or even asbestos fibres which can be extremely dangerous. The product can be left on the surface for hours with no risk of damage or fumes and if it dries out it can be resprayed to ensure safe removal.

Our product is the original safe Artex surface coating removal product. Several of our competitors have copied our design by making their products similar in colour but don’t be fooled by this, ours is the best.

Trade Strip X-Tex® has been formulated by Eco Solutions from the most advanced, innovative water-based technology using “science not solvents” and is used by many professionals throughout the licensed asbestos removal industry. It can be used in sensitive and occupied premises such as homes, hospitals, schools and nurseries.

Be aware that some plaster-type textured coatings (mainly sold before the mid-1980s) may contain harmful asbestos fibres and you should always know how to identify and deal with asbestos if found.

Minimal VOC content (0.00000.4%, as certified by independent laboratory detection test).

*Registered Trade Mark of BPB UK Ltd.

You can find out more about this and safe removal here:

What are the additional benefits of Trade X-Tex Artex Remover?

    • It is easy to use and works using a working wet system to enable you to safely, quickly and efficiently remove textured wall and ceiling coverings
    • Unlike a lot of textured wall and ceiling covering removers, it is non-hazardous, non-toxic and non-caustic
    • It clings to 100% to all surfaces meaning it can work as it needs to
    • It stays wet for long periods and can be resprayed if any areas dry out
    • It safely removes bonded textured coatings
    • It safely removes non bonded textured coatings
    • It effectively removes painted wallpapers
    • It safely removes textured paints
    • It can quickly remove layers of painted wallpapers and textured paints
    • It is safe and causes no damage to the environment

Trade X-Tex Artex Remover is available in 2.5-litre, 5-litre and 15-litre tubs and you can find your nearest stockist here.

Graffiti Go

Trade Graffito Go is a safe and effective commercial spray paint and graffiti remover used by an increasing number of trades and professionals across the UK.

It is an effective graffiti remover that has been formulated by Eco Solutions from the most advanced, innovative water-based technology using ”science not solvents”. It can be used on most types of surfaces including wood, metal, aluminium, stone (soft and porous stone), brick, marble, concrete, most plastics (always try on a small area first as it may etch certain types of Perspex and polycarbonate)

What are the additional benefits of Graffiti Go?

    • It is suitable for many types of substrates
    • The product gets into awkward areas that sanding won’t
    • It’s more effective compared to other products and jet washing and it removes graffiti completely
    • It safely removes car spray paints
    • It effectively removes graffiti shadow
    • It can quickly remove leather dye
    • It can remove marker pen
    • It removes crayon marks
    • It removes fly posters
    • It can effectively remove chewing gum

Trade Graffiti Go is available from our stockists in 500ml triggers and 5 Litre refills and you can find your nearest stockist here.

EXP21 Immersion Stripper

EXP21 Immersion Stripper is a tough industrial immersion stripper which is suitable for many different uses. It is a powerful immersion paint stripper which is capable of removing most types of paint and polymer coatings. A variety of different coatings are stripped using EXP21 Immersion Stripper in the remanufacturing and engineering industries.

It is a tough and effective paint stripper and carbon remover used for cleaning, it dries extremely quickly meaning parts and machinery can be used without delay.

It is a commercial product used to strip furniture, remove lacquer, powder coatings, metal, including aluminium and alloy wheels, some powder coatings, ink in rollers and machinery, degreasing capabilities as well as its use in lots of industrial applications.

Carbonized oil, paint, grease and much more can be stripped from metal components in engines, gearboxes, machinery, and lots of other processing machinery without damaging the equipment using our EXP21 Immersion Stripper.

Our product comes in 2 types:
EXP21® (can be used at ambient temperature)
Eco-Prep (ME) (can be heated up to 50 deg C)

What are the additional benefits of EXP21 Immersion Stripper?

    • Unlike many hazardous immersion strippers, EXP21 Immersion Stripper has no dangerous solvents in it
    • There is no need for ventilation or respiratory protective equipment when using the product
    • The evaporation rate is extremely low
    • It goes a long way, making it a very cost-effective and profitable solution for businesses
    • It has a long life compared to hazardous solvents
    • It has a minimal VOC content
    • It removes lead-based paints
    • Strips oil-based paints
    • It removes solvent-based paints
    • Water-based paints
    • Removes stains
    • It effectively removes waxes
    • It safely strips varnish and lacquers
    • It can remove intumescent and fire protective paints
    • It can remove certain plastic and powder coatings
    • It will strip and remove ink from machinery
    • It works on hard and softwood, all metals, including soft metals, aluminium, brass and copper, stone, brick, marble, slate and gesso can be stripped using extreme care
    • It is a highly versatile product that can be used in businesses and for industrial use
    • It is an efficient formula that eliminates the need for repeated applications, saving you time and money
    • You can minimise your energy costs by not always using heat depending on the product type you use (EXP21® or Eco-Prep)
    • The product can also be used as a degreaser, reducing the number of different products you need to buy and store

EXP21 Immersion Stripper is available in 25-litre, 200-litre barrels and IBC containers. It is available as a thickened or unthickened product, depending on what your use for it is. Contact us here and we can advise you on this or you can find your nearest stockist here.

Super Strength Degreaser

Super Strength Degreaser is a commercial strength degreaser that is extremely versatile in its uses in the manufacturing, engineering, catering, marine and aerospace industries. It can also be used for general cleaning and degreasing as well as safely and effectively cleaning and degreasing parts and machinery and equipment. It removes grease, oil, grime and even light carbon build-up and many businesses across the UK and internationally use it.

It is suitable for use on all metals, glass-reinforced plastic (grp) and different types of wood with no risk of damaging parts or surfaces.

What are the additional benefits of Strength Degreaser?

    • It is suitable for many types of commercial and industrial use
    • It gets into awkward areas that other products won’t get to
    • It safely removes grease
    • It effectively removes oil
    • It quickly removes grime
    • It can remove light carbon build-up
    • It works on many different types of surfaces and machinery including metal, glass-reinforced plastic (grp) and wood

It is available in 500ml and 5 jerry cans and is extremely versatile in its use and ability to clean many types of surfaces and machinery parts. Contact us today and we can advise you on this and answer any questions you have.

Ink Clean

Ink Clean is a commercial ink and dye stripper and cleaner. Its spray formula makes it really versatile and able to clean lots of different surfaces and components as well as reaching all areas that need to be cleaned. It is a cylinder and tray cleaner that is ideal for removing dried inks/dyes and other print coatings on common impression cylinders and trays. You can also use it to remove ink stains on floors, stainless steel scales, and marking ink on industrial components.

It is available in 500ml and 5-Litre jerry cans or spray bottles and you can find your nearest stockist here.

Solvent Replacement

Our Solvent Replacement is a safe alternative to other hazardous solvents which are used in all types of industry, particularly the cleaning industry.

Our water-based product is an ideal replacement for traditional solvents such as kerosene, tricoethylene, Methylene Chloride*, caustic, as well as N-Methyl Pyrrolidone (NMP), Benzyl Alcohol or Ethanol which are often used in the cleaning industry and noted as extremely dangerous to touch and if inhaled.

It can remove ink from surfaces, be used as a degreaser and will also remove glue making it an extremely versatile product to have in your business.

Trade Strip Paint and Carbon Remover – OMat 1/344
Trade Strip paint and carbon remover meets ASTMF945-12 & ARP1755V and has been approved

Grime Go

Grime Go provides tough cleaning, degreasing and preparation for all types of surfaces and equipment in your workplace or home. It can be used inside and out and is the one product you should always have around to clean and brighten surfaces.

GrimeGo!™ can be used by both DIY enthusiasts and professionals and will prepare a surface for being revamped or clean it and bring it back to its original state.

What are the additional benefits of Grime Go?

    • It quickly and effectively removes all types of grease
    • It removes oil
    • It removes dirt and stains
    • It can remove adhesive residues
    • It can strip out paint splashes
    • It can be used for preparing surfaces for repainting or varnishing
    • It can de-wax surfaces
    • It will remove mould
    • It can be used on all types of hard and soft surfaces including soft furnishings

Grime Go is available in a 750ml trigger spray or a 4 Litre jerry and you can find your nearest stockist here.

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