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https://www.emiratesnaturewwf.ae/en?208514/EWS-WWF-and-Fujairah-Municipality-lead-150-volunteers-to-cleanup-Wadi-Wurayah-National-ParkIt’s not often these days I feel inspired by a product I actually ‘rave’ about it but such has been the case with the paint and varnish remover from Eco Solution Ltd.  Although, I have to admit that I never really intended to buy it.

I was on a flying visit to my local Axminster Power Tool Store for more urea-formaldehyde glue. I knew where their glue lived so without breaking stride, I grabbed a pot from the shelf, paid at the counter and left.  Back in the workshop, I opened my new pot of glue to find a white gel, not unlike wallpaper paste.  In my defence the plastic pots are very similar; the labelling on them is, however very different, as my colleagues helpfully pointed out.  Don’t you just hate that?

Some weeks after this senior moment, some paint had to be removed from the hull of a wooden ski boat.  The part of the planking needing attention was inside a locker and I didn’t relish using a hot-air gun or paint stripper in such a confined space. Then I remembered the claims of the low odour and low solvent content made for my inadvertent purchase…

Following the instructions. I applied the gel liberally to the area to be stripped and let it do its work.  After about 15 minutes, the surface of the paint began to wrinkle visibly.  After a further 10 minutes, virtually all the old paint had come off.  The residue was moist but flakey, unlike many strippers which leave a semi-liquid slurry behind them that has to be mopped up. The job which I had been quietly dreading was achieved with a minimum of fuss and required no more than vacuuming clean, rinsing with water and drying off before the repair and re-paint.

We recently tried the remover on some varnished sole boards which had not been stripped for many years.  It took the thick layers of varnish in its stride, allowing us to try the recommended technique of sealing the gel on the surface with polythene – or clingfilm or foil 0 to stop the gel drying out and so enhancing its effectiveness on multiple layers of coatings.

What impressed me the most was that, although protective gloves and glasses must be worn, the gel is nowhere near as harmful to the skin as other strippers that we have used.  Billed as ‘Tough Not Toxic’, HomeStrip Paint and Varnish Remover costs £8.16 inc vat for 500ml and there is a full list of stockists on the website.

Eco Solutions Ltd, Church Road, Winscombe, BS25 1BH.  Tel:+44 (0)1934 844484 www.ecosolutions.co.uk

Source: Watercraft Magazine

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