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Most proprietary brands contain alcohols, solvents, alkalis, acids or abrasives to clean, and very little information is given on the label warning of the hazards to the user and the environment.

Consumers don’t get to see material safety data information on products they purchase. See a few examples below:

INHALATION: Mist or vapour may cause irritation to the respiratory tract. 

SKIN: Prolonged contact may cause skin irritation. Exposure can cause redness, itching and inflammation. 

EYES: Contact causes eye irritation. Exposure may cause tearing, redness and discomfort. INGESTION: Not expected to be an ingestion hazard for the intended use. Exposure may cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea and other systemic effects. 


There’s concern over these products for workers who have been exposed occupationally. They have been seeing reproductive effects. In the semiconductor industry, they are being phased out.


2-butoxyethanol is the key ingredient in many window cleaners and gives them their characteristic sweet smell. It belongs in the category of “glycol ethers,” a set of powerful solvents that don’t mess around. Law does not require 2-butoxyethanol to be listed on a product’s label. According to the EPA’s Web site, in addition to causing sore throats when inhaled, at high levels glycol ethers can also contribute to narcosis, pulmonary oedema, and severe liver and kidney damage.

“If you’re cleaning at home in a confined area, like an unventilated bathroom, you can actually end up getting 2-butoxyethanol in the air at levels that are higher than workplace safety standards.”


Otherwise known as lye, sodium hydroxide is extremely corrosive: If it touches your skin or gets in your eyes, it can cause severe burns. Routes of exposure are skin contact and inhalation. Inhaling sodium hydroxide can cause a sore throat that lasts for days.


Strongly irritating to the skin, eyes and respiratory tract. Acute exposures involving the inhalation of dust may result in irritation of the respiratory tract and corrosive damage may result from contact with mucous membranes. Prolonged exposures can lead to inflammatory changes and ulcerative problems in the mouth.  Possible bronchial and gastrointestinal problems can occur, depending upon concentration and duration of exposure.


Researched, developed and manufactured in the UK. Grime Go!™ is a unique product with a myriad of different applications to tackle the toughest jobs around the workshop, office, garage, home etc. – fast!

Its water-based formula developed from Eco Solutions original world-leading innovative technology. Can be used indoors and out – no need to ventilate the work area – and can be used without gloves or a mask.

  • Degreases & De-waxes
  • Removes stains from all surfaces and fabrics
  • Removes grime, mould, dirt and much more
  • Cleans PVCu
  • Removes dried paint splashes
  • The perfect surface preparation product
  • Up-Cycling furniture
  • Non-toxic
  • No fumes
  • No skin burns
  • No abrasives
  • Effective & pleasant to use


This water-based product is free of VOCs, acids, alkalis, and any hazardous solvents.

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