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Solvent Replacement

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Solvent Replacement

Solvent free paint strippers, coatings removers and cleaners

Safer alternative to hazardous solvents

Researched, developed and manufactured in the UK. Our technology is the ideal safer alternative to hazardous solvents in all types of industry particularly the cleaning industry.

This water-based technology is an ideal replacement for traditional solvents such as kerosene, tricolethylene, Methylene Chloride*, caustic, as well as N-Methyl Pyrrolidone (NMP), Benzyl Alcohol or Ethanol.

Special personal protective equipment, ventilation or extraction are NOT required when using Trade Strip products… the safer option. However any risk assessment must take into account the toxicity of any coating being removed/cleaned.

Also ideal for use in sensitive and occupied premises such as homes, hospitals, restaurants and schools.

Suitable for ink removal, degreasing, glue removal.

*Eu Parliament agrees to ban paint stripper containing dichloromethane (14 January 2009).


Trade Strip Paint and Carbon Remover – OMat 1/344
Trade Strip paint and carbon remover meets ASTMF945-12 & ARP1755V and has been approved.

Industrial grade degreaser

Kitchen/Restaurant degreasing
Super Strength Degreaser cuts through even the most heavy build up of grease and grime. Just spray on a small test area and leave for 30 mins to 1 hour. Remove softened grime using warm soapy water.

Fork lift tyre mark removal
Apply directly onto the floor. Allow the product to work for a several minutes and then scrub with a brush or broom. Floors can then be cleaned with a mop and water or with a floor machine to a final finish.

How to remove tyre marks from workshop floor

Other applications
Floor Paint (lines on factory flooring)
Chewing Gum
Grime Go!™ The perfect preparation product.

Home use

Non toxic, water-based products for the consumer

Trade use

Solvent free, safer products for the professional

Grime Go!™

A unique surface preparation cleaner for the home and workplace

Award Winning

Advanced Technology

Tried & Tested

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