Part I – The Test

Yesterday we tried out, and compared, every paint stripper available in the Irish market. 

What we learned so far:

All paint strippers are not equal: there is a huge difference in performance, speed, effectiveness, smell, solvent emissions, etc. If it’s called a ‘Paint Stripper’ then it will strip paint but some strippers will leave a spotless surface while others will require a fair amount of elbow grease and scraping to remove the paint.

Some strippers are still quite toxic and contain a lot of solvents, while some new stripper brands are totally eco and just as effective, if not more effective, than the old market leaders. 

More on this in Part II below as it was beyond impossible to fit all of this into just a few minutes.

Part 2- The Results

The Finale! This is part 2 of Testing Paint Strippers, where we identify which products gave us the top results!

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