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The only skin safe, fume-free, oven cleaner that works! EZ Strip All Purpose Remover softens baked-on grease for easy removal with no harsh choking fumes or corrosive materials that can burn and irritate your skin. EZ Strip cleans up with just water and is 100% water soluble and biodegradable for the environmentally friendly option for oven cleaning! EZ Strip puts the ALL in all purpose once your done with your oven tackle all the other tough messes in your home, garage, and yard.

Remove everything from dried paint drips and spills, tape and glue residues, tree sap, gum, nail polish, stickers and decals, permanent markers, all kinds of graffiti, clean up oil and rust stains from concrete, clean your BBQ, patio furniture, and much more! All EZ Strip products are “Tough Not Toxic”.

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