Soot remover and Fireplace cleaner

Soot remover and Fireplace cleaner


Coverage is 4-6 sq mtrs per litre.  Home Strip Paint and Varnish Remover is a working wet system that keeps the paint wet at all times and significantly reducing any risk of dust.

Always try a small test area first just to establish dwell time. On multi-layered paint apply liberally with a paint brush and covering with plastic film and leave overnight. Covering with plastic film traps out the air preventing it drying out making it work for much longer, plus it forces the product down through the substrate stopping any blistering which can lift the product from the surface stopping it working.

One single application can remove up to five layers using this method. Removal can be made easier using a bowl of soapy water and a stainless steel scouring ball, especially on intricate pieces. Use of soapy water and a stainless steel scouring ball also can remove stains from the grain effectivley. On dead flat areas a scraper is advisable to remove lose material first.

Home Strip is totally ph neutral so no need to neutralise afterwards. Just wash down with a damp cloth or sponge and leave to dry naturally.

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