Soot remover and Fireplace cleaner

Home Strip Paint & Varnish Remover has a multitude of applications including the removal of soot from fire surrounds and fireplaces. This article came from La Magie des Couleurs. The designer of this brand, Annie Hincelin offers you courses of decorative paintings, patina and effects of matter for your furniture and objects.

La Magie Des Couleurs welcomes you in a large workshop boutique in Reims, dedicated to the advice of your projects, painting, internships and the transformation of your furniture and objects!

The Magic of Colors
2 rue Vareilles
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In anticipation of a winter at the corner of the fire…
Great Cleaning For Remover (Non-toxic), application of gel with a brush, 5 minutes, rinse, then under, which blocks soot stains, tannin, etc… (exists in white and grey) , applies to all media, brick, stone, concrete, finally the application of the matte salt paint. Cost of operation: Remover 26.80 €, sub-layer 250 ml 15.80 €, and paint 14.80 €, for a fireplace of the colour of your choice.


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